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  • Chapel of Power Apostolic Church International is a ministry set apart by God to reach the unreached and to set the captive free that is why we make a task to fulfill the commission. The church started with seven days revival on May 23rd -28, 2001, with four (4)adult and ten (10)children In Ijebu-Igbo, Ogun-state of Nigeria . The town is full of darkness, they are worshippers of many gods like ogun (god of iron) sango (god of thunder), osun (marine god), ifa , masquerade, alagemo and lots more, devil have succeeded in blindfolded them to a stage itís a taboo for anyone to serve other god than their idol, such fellow that did so will be punish and excommunicated from the town or kill or throw in a river or even offer him/ her as a sacrifice to their idol. But things has change, we can now see churches in the Town! Despite different difficulties/persecution churches are facing from the ungodly people, we still have to give thanks to God that gate of hell did not prevail of the church We are targeting all means to reach out to the unreached and to deliver those that are oppressed. We believe in Trinity We are Pentecostal, we believe in Holy-Spirit We are evangelical We believe in birth, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ We are holiness preacher We believe in kingdom of God for the saint and hell fire for devil and sinner We preach sanctification and justification Be believe Christian can loose salvation if fall into sin .