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Pastor Praise O. Bamisaye is a messenger with a right message for our generation, Evangelist to the core, who have will himself for Godís work, Apostle Paul of our generation, a leader of leaders, with vision and really focusing on the calling. This is his slogan "I will do the work of he that calleth me when itís day for night come when no one will be able to work again" A discipline, humble man of God who preaches the raw word of God as John the Baptist did, who is ready to share the word of God to the villager even inside their farm in a clear language they will understand A man of prayers that is ready to pray until mountain is shift! Who lean only on God, he make Holy Spirit his mentor, believe in what God says. He have been to some Bible colleges, also undergo course of "Million Leaders Mandate" of Dr John C. Maxwell. He is one of the Prophets of our time with seasoned message. His personal life and ministry have bring joy to the life, family and carrier of many today, testifier are here and outside our country. He is happily married to a Holy Spirit contanner, a Daughter of one Godís General in our land, Evangelist A.O Bamisaye, a writer and a singer, a respected woman with vision for the children, that he called "catch them young for God" this is a woman when she was at age of fifteen (15) pastor a church (when her parent go for another mission work in a very far villages) for one solid year, handle all the programmes! All glory be to God. She had a Diploma and Post Diploma certificate in Christian Education & Advanced Child Psychology from Child &World Foundation-Holland; she will be finishing her Bsc in Mass Communication by June this year at one of the reputable university in Nigeria . She has passion for Godís work, she is even planning to organize an N.G.O (non governmental Organization) to reach out more for God within and outside Nigeria , Their coming to together have add a lot of mining and more vision for their ministry, they are blessed with two daughter (Stella and Sussanah) .